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How We Started ?

This work began with the endorsement of Engineering students and local communities of Syangja, the members of NRIDS. The team has been formulating a blueprint to convert Syangja into the model district for an *ICTRevolution in Nepal. * The blueprint is based around the establishment of *Community Information Centers (CIC) in villages where there is currently an extreme shortage of Information. A CIC with the involvement and support of local business people, teachers, serviceman, and young people, have been established in different villages. With the go of time, this movement has been extended in Mayatari, Karendada, Bagalthok, Helu, Lampata, Bayatari, PragatiNagar, Rajesthal, Badkhola, ThuloPandera, PokhariChaur, Dahathum, Sirsekot, Methabhurum, and Agrikharka, in Syangja, Kaskikot and Astam in Kaski, Rampur , Laxmipur in Dang and Lamtun in Parbat. In coming days, we will extend it to other rural parts of Nepal.



News & Events

NRIDS-Dhankuta Formed
NRIDS Dhankuta formed with the objective of bringing ICTs revolution in remote areas of Dhankuta District. The committee consisted of the people from different profession to act as Dhankuta ICTs Task force. This Task Force is determined to work for the e-governance preparedness and ICTs awareness throughout Dhankuta District.

NRIDS Members Trainied by Inveneo Inc.
To upgrade the expertise on wireless internet and VoIP a training was organized by Inveneo Inc. from 2 - 6 August in Chamber of Commerce, Sunsari, Dharan. Members from NRIDS Nepal and volunteer from Netherlands participated the training.

Research student arrived from the Netherlands
Two student from Radboud university Nijmegen ( Mr. Jos Groenewegen, Mr. Daan Pijper arrived in Kathmandu on 29th July 2009. Their main objective is to research Telecentres operated by NRIDS. During their stay in Nepal they will visit and analyze telecenters and provide necessary suggestions for running efficiently in future. They are making a documentary and a report of Telecenters after they return back to their university.


Please Support NRIDS!

Currently, NRIDS is not registered as a US 501(c)(3) organization and donations are not tax deductible.

Progress towards $8000