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NRIDS activities Print
Thursday, 11 September 2008 16:39
• This work began with the endorsement of the Syangja DDC the
members of NRIDS have been formulating a blueprint to convert
Syangja into the model district for an information revolution in Nepal.
• Extended in Kaski and Dang District.
• A CIC, with the involvement and support of local business people,
teachers, serviceman, and young people, have been established in
different villages
• Mayatari, Syangja
• Karen dada, Syangja
• Bagalthok, Syangja
• Lampata, Syangja
• Bayatari, Syangja
• Helu, Syangja
• Pragatinagar,Syangja
• Badkhola,Syangja
• Rajasthal,Syangja
• Thulopadhera,Syangja
• Kaskikot, Kaski
• Dhital, Kaski
• Rampur, Dang
• Laxmipur, Dang